This unique home is truly a reflection of its inhabitants.  Our clients came to us with a disjointed kitchen and oddly placed, over-sized powder room, looking for guidance on enlarging the kitchen and creating better flow from room to room.  Like many of our clients, they weren’t sure how long they would be staying in this home so a consideration for resale and appealing to the masses was key, but they still wanted to have some fun and infuse some colour and whimsy into the space.

We opted to keep the flooring, cabinets and counter-tops(the big ticket items) in classic neutral tones and had fun with items that are easier changed out later like lighting, furniture and accessories.  Their collection of worldly treasures and trinket

Likewise in the principle bathroom where we stuck with a classic black and white scheme but had a lot of fun with the mirror and accessories.  These items can easily be swapped out to suit a broader audience.

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